Customer Online is the Thales Customers web portal providing you a 24/7 connection with our teams.
Keep informed of our latest products, services and trainings thanks to a large range of e-services.

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With a constant proximity with its Customers, Thales strengthens your interaction with our team available 24/7.
Customer OnLine web portal enables this interconnection and allows you to make requests in real time.

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Maintain and operate

Need support of your equipment or systems?
Customer OnLine offers high added-value e-services which make easier the maintain of your equipment and systems throughout their life cycle.

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Need collaborative and interactive working environment?
Customer OnLine manages advanced relationships and exchanges in order to satisfy all stakeholders by providing an interactive working environment and by capitalizing on digital assets.


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The Customer OnLine portal serves Civil and Military activities of the Thales group. The portal is operational in each of its main fields of operation...

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Thales Customer Training Centres offer you a large range of training courses.

Discover state-of-the-art training possibilities designed to provide you with comprehensive training courses. Make your choice and submit your request online.


In a few clicks, consult our products and services offers and make an associated request.

Access our products and services offers through the “Catalogues” and make request for prices or an associated order. Whatever your core activity is, get direct access to our teams.


Access the latest information dedicated to your community.

Through Customer OnLine, communicate and share experience easily with Thales and its partners. Access operational information dedicated to a whole community of users who share a common interest.




Efficient and fast, Thales' teams take particular care of all your requests.

Make all kinds of requests on your products and services. Get access to the Thales' team network and follow up your requests status in real time.

Maintain and operate



By consulting Customer and Marketing Information Letters, get valuable information for your business.

Access Customer and Marketing Information Letters to improve your day-to-day operations.


Download documents linked to your products or contracts.

Regularly updated, our technical documentation helps you to optimize your equipment or systems during all their life cycle.


Efficient and fast, Thales' teams take particular care of all your requests.

Thales' teams make available all documents related to your contracts. Downloadable from the portal, this documentation composes a genuine library of customized data.

AMI - Airline Modifiable Information

Get access to Airline Modifiable Information to optimize Flight Management System FMS2 use.

If you are equipped with a Thales/GE FMS Rev2+ or a higher version, you can access a customized AMI online tool to specify your parameters. You will be able to download it directly from the portal and then install it on aircraft.

ROS - Repair Order Status

Access your Repair Orders Status with experts' comments and diagnosis.

Follow up your Repair Order Status and obtain our expert's comments or diagnosis related to your repair orders through a direct access to the daily updated status of items.

POS - Purchase Order Status

Access status of all your Spare Orders.

Consult all the details of your purchase orders with daily updates.

GFE/CFE (Government / Customer Furnished Equipment)

Track and manage your GFE/CFE items.

Take advantage of customized search function to access the list and description of your items on loan.
You are informed in real time of their latest movements and can contact a Thales representative to submit a status modification or ask any question.


e-Troubleshooting is the comprehensive service dedicated to ease BITE decoding tasks.

Automated BITE decoding using this web-based tool featuring 2 modes (Single Fault or Dump File).


Alternate solution to regular maintenance services in Thales Repair Centers, for ASW pre-approved customers only.

Perform Thales ADM offset resetting online by providing ADM P/N and S/N for recalibration with associated hPa measurements.
Please note that dedicated test equipment are a pre-requisite to use this service.

Aeronautical Databases update

Value-added service for a safer flight in ever-more crowded skies

Access to Thales electronic delivery service of database updates and associated documentation.




Make your documents sharing and exchanging much easier with Customer OnLine.

With Collaborative Areas, Customer OnLine enables you to share and exchange dedicated documents on your project, organization or products. The e-service use is optimized thanks to numerous functionalities such as:
- Role assignations in order to manage writing/reading rights by user and folder/directory;
- An optimized search engine on document content;
- Access to the latest modifications/publications;
- Access to the latest document.


Check out our FAQ.

Around your day-to-day business, find answers to your simple questions by using the FAQ e-service.


An interactive place entirely dedicated to exchanging information and experiences.

Access a real discussion area to share best practices and professional experiences. Make suggestions and exchange technical knowledge on common systems.

About Customer OnLine


Because operational efficiency is of critical importance for our Customers

The Customer OnLine portal serves Civil and Military activities of the Thales group. The portal is operational in each of its main fields of operation:

Aerospace, Space, Defence, Security and Transportation. Used by thousands of Customers in over 100 countries, Customer OnLine, privileged and interactive point of contact, offers a day-to-day support to its Customer through high added-value e-services such as:
- Support of Customer's equipment or systems throughout their life cycle;
- Support to Customer operations;
- Operation of equipment or systems.